Triad Technologies (TTech) offers thorough and innovative Solution in Channel Marketing and Trade marketing sector. We deliver feature-rich and customized solutions for all levels of channel marketing be it at the purposes of distribution (multi-layered) or the last mile associate of the Sales Promoter or In-Store Demonstrator. We get our skill from our 8 years' of experience of organizing and handling different Channel and Trade marketing campaigns. Perfectly aligned with sales functions and with all elements of trade marketing we solve all last time sales challenges. Our customized tech solutions empower channel-driven businesses so that your sales team can focus on actual sales and not on the problems.

Technology Takes The Center Stage

With all companies moving towards automation to attain reduced costs and optimal utilization of resources, we fortunately found ourselves in a head start position to start focusing exclusively on IT based solutions. This is where TTech began to come to fruition, and TRIAD Technologies was born.

Our clients are the core of our course and business, Therefore, we designed, created and enhanced our products from the scratch. This can be seen in our modified applications with the functionalities of Dashboards. The applications are instinctive making it doable for any business and team to adjust to and get the most out of them right away.

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