TRIAD Technologies (TTech) stands at the intersection of groundbreaking Sales Force Automation (also known as field force tracking software) and pioneering marketing applications. Specializing in real world marketing software and bespoke application development, we are building the world's first ERP for Marketers. With over almost 15 years of industry experince, building impactful software to enable sales and marketing teams; we've become trusted software partners to companies like Amazon. Our comprehensive channel, Field Force Management system, and trade marketing solutions are meticulously tailored for business keeping the business team in the middle and canter of our deliverables. The ARMS software, a cornerstone of our ERP, ensures streamlined operations of all mobile, on ground resources and their operational workstreams. ARMS is also a Distribution Management System with multiple layers of distributor stakeholders built in. Organizations use this to navigate intricate distribution networks and empower last-mile sales promoters (for Promoter Management) or In Store Demonstrators (ISD). With our Sales Force Automation platforms, we assure that your Sales Team Management will thrive, while eliminating technical roadblocks.

The key components of ARMS revolve around tracking the field sales team or the Salesforce on the ground. It has functionalities like beat or journey or visit management with geotagged attendance, this enables an organization to know where their people are always. This is especially important for mobile resources. Other key features include sales reporting with or without device serial numbers, we also enable lead capture, marketing audits and visibility audit management through our apps. These apps are customised with deep functionalities that match the requirements of a marketing coordinator, visual merchandiser, sales manager, sales executive, retail executive, trainers, and more.

Where Sales Force Automation Meets Revolutionary Marketing ERP

As the digital landscape continually evolves, businesses globally are not just looking for Sales Force Automation, but comprehensive solutions that start from SFA and lead into things like field visits tracking, sales tracking, partner management, incentive management and loyalty programs. A lot of components of ARMS are designed to dovetail into a larger ERP for marketers and sales leaders. Our vision is to develop a ERP module specifically suited to sales and marketing professionals in the real physical world.

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