ARMS is awesome - For Every Organisation

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows and Reports reduce manual work through Excel and Email. No more discrepancies in communication.

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Custom Dashboards

Pre-configured Dashboards can be easy customized to help you view and compare metrics, relevant to your Channels and Programs.

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Configured Approvals

Use Conditional Approvals to streamline different parts of your program, while conforming to your organizational regulations.

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Role Measurement

Use our Merchandise and Role module to calculate incremental sales due to your investment in Branding and POS Merchandise.

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Role Definition

Define Roles and Relationships to ensure that the right person approves the right request, be it user creation or sales exceptions.

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ROI Tracker

Tag costs and revenues associated with each store with ARMS custom ROI calculator. Store level granularity of most channel spends.

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Affordable Prices. Always.

Prices are per month. Set-up and one time costs are extra. Please contact for a full quote.

App Features

  • End to End Stock Visibility
  • Custom Stock Movement Rules
  • Real-time Sales Team Updates
  • User Mapping
  • Beat Plan Tracking
  • Schemes and Ticketing Management
  • Resource Allocation